Rational Thought, Emotional Response, And Home Buying

I am a person who believes that in order to buy the best house possible you need to find the points where your mind and your heart come together in harmony, so that you can make a decision that makes you happy on all fronts. Now I realize that sounds a bit esoteric so let me just explain what I mean.

There are really two avenues of thought when it comes to purchasing real estate. Specifically when it comes to purchasing a home. That is the rational and analytical side which strictly looks at the numbers. That is how much will the home cost, how much will the home cost to live in (think about things like heating expenses and water), and what is the potential return on investment that you could expect to see in a house?

Those or the type of rational calculations that your brain should be going through when you are looking at house. I realize you may be saying that the ROI doesn't matter what I am purchasing a home, but you need to understand that situations change and as time progresses needs change. There is a very good chance that at some point in time you will sell that home because you want to move on to something else. It happens all the time, so yes, you do need to think about the potential return on investment.

The rational side of your brain is something that you should never turn off. These calculations are important because they will determine the quality of life that you are living. You do not want to work just to pay your mortgage. You want to be able to go out and see the town. You want to do things with your kids. You want to be will to go on vacation. These are all things that will become impossible to buy a house that is going to consume all of your income.

Never ignore the rational tabulations of your brain.

Likewise you should not ignore your heart. Your heart will give you the emotional responses to the house. Little features that make you fall in love with it. Aspects of the neighborhood that make the house perfectly positioned seat and go out on walks or take the kids to the park or do things of that nature. Your heart can tell you whether or not the house is something you could truly enjoy to live in for a long period of time.

Those are all important considerations. You should fall in love with your house. You should love it so much that it is like your own personal oasis in the city. That is something that the rational side of you is not taking into account. It is not taking into account the emotional response that the house can elicit within you. The rational side of sterile.

As I said before to find the perfect home you should try to bring rational thought process and your emotional response together in order to find the perfect compromise between the two.

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