Busting Top 3 Myths Related to B2B Social Media

Do you get confused when you read so much about B2B social media? Internet today is flooded with different articles and information that talk about variety of topics. B2B social media sites have done well in the past and are doing well currently as more business owners get connected to it. However, with so much information circulating the web things can become difficult for first time users that have just signed up with b2b social media sites or who want to try their hands on it. We normally tend to read the positive and negative effects of social media sites so that we have complete knowledge of the situation. However, we also have to ensure that we do not fall for the myths that revolve the internet. Here we bust some myths related to b2b social media sites.

There Is Not Much Difference between B2B and Facebook

Well, most people would easily believe this because Facebook has more popularity globally. However, there are various studies that have proved that in terms of B2B other sites like LinkedIn can generate more leads that Facebook. While Facebook is popular, it does not really help your business to get more leads because it is not designed specifically for corporate business and sellers.

ROI is Negligible

There are many sites that do say that the return of investment is negligible on such b2b social media sites. However, the fact is that it all depends on how you plan your business strategies online and act on it. IBM made an announcement that soon after they made use of their social selling pilot program they saw their sales jump whopping 400% in the first quarter. There are many other success stories that would second that claim so you need to promote your business the right way on these global trade | b2b social sites.

Consumers Are Not Bothered about B2B Posts

There are sites that also claim that consumers on social media sites and even B2B trading sites are bothered about business and not about the information, posts and blogs that you provide. This is just a myth because there are many small and medium sized businesses on b2b trade | global sourcing sites that have done exceptionally well after they posted their blogs and information related to their business. In fact, many studies have claimed that only 20% paid ads get clicked on Google searches while 80% businesses get their consumers through high ranking results that appear in the SERPS.

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